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Take Care of Residential Roof Repair with Roof Solutions

Residential roof repair can be stressful for homeowners. No one wants to think about losing the structural integrity of their home. HOMY PROPERTIES Home Inspection Services are a trusted services provider of residential roof repair/inspection and other services. We’re reliable services provider that can do it all, including small repairs and large-scale replacements also. Regardless of your roofing needs, our technicians are your trusted experts. Contact us today and take advantage.

Being a Home Inspection Services provider in waterproofing and heat proofing service, we provide a complete solution for clients and businesses alike. For contractors, who only look out for waterproofing and heat proofing supplies, HOMY PROPERTIES assists our clients to in every step of the way. For chemical treatment and application, our waterproofing and heat proofing experts in Pakistan will provide a 360-degree solution, from estimation into finalization.

RCC Roof Inspection

Various tests are performed on concrete slab for measuring concrete slab thickness, reinforcing bars distribution, size and depth, concrete cover thickness, concrete hardness and strength, etc. Typical applications are:

  • Ceiling analysis to detect frequency and position of ligatures in support beams.
  • Wall or pillar analysis for ligature position and depth.
  • Non-Destructive testing for construction walls.
  • Reinforcing mesh positioning prior to drilling.
  • Slab-on-grade analysis, (not possible with X-Ray)
  • Services like Electrical and Refrigeration line detection for supermarkets prior to concrete cutting.
  • Assist with establishing load bearing capacity in suspended slabs.
  • Quality assurance

Simply request HOMY PROPERTIES supportive staff and they will assist you to complete your task in time.

Keep Your Home Beautiful, Maintain Your Property Value

Taking a house inspection easy is one of the most common mistake, first-time buyers make and many seasoned investors often trust what their eyes see at first glance. Don’t fall for it! Make sure your money is going into the right property. Take our Home Inspection Services.

This inspection type typically includes evaluation of the elevation, foundation, roof, structure, and maintenance conditions of property inspected; however, the scope of this inspection can be customized and limited to make the best use of time and resources to meet our clients specific needs.

Interior Inspection

The Interior Inspection Checklist provides a crosscheck list of minimum life safety elements to look at for each room. It is not all-inclusive. It does not provide a detailed list of what to check for with each item and it only looks at the interior.

Residential Plumbing and Electrical Home Inspection Correction Repairs

Good Work Plumbing & Electrical Services Works with Buyers, Sellers, Home Inspectors and Real Estate Agents to Ensure Systems are up to Code and Can Pass Home Inspection.

You already know how important it is for the electrical and plumbing systems in your home to work properly. But if they don’t, it’s a disaster waiting to happen, and you don’t want to deal with fire or water damage on your property. What you might not know is that problems, if not fixed on time, can delay the sale of the property. What’s worse – it can cause the sale to fall through.

For buyers – even though you will have to have the property inspected before you purchase it, you might want to have someone who specializes in plumbing and electrical systems to take a second look to make sure they are up to code. But not only that – you’ll also have the added peace of mind that you are purchasing a home that’s safe.

For sellers – you need to be aware in advance, before the buyer’s inspection – of any significant flaws in your home plumbing and/or electrical systems that would jeopardize a closing.  Having a pre-listing home inspection of your plumbing and electrical systems will give you the opportunity to correct them before they become an issue. Home inspectors and buyers choose to work with us because of our experience.  That gives them the peace of mind knowing that electrical and plumbing issues will be reported, allowing them to be fixed in a timely manner. With that being said, below you can find a list of the items we can inspect and repair, so you have plumbing and electrical systems that are free of faults.

Plumbing Correction Repairs – the main repairs we provide (but are not limited to) are:

  • Toilet repairs
  • Faucet repairs
  • Leaking pipes
  • Clogged sink drains
  • Copper, PVC piping, and any other plumbing repairs

Electrical Correction Repairs – the main repairs we provide (but are not limited to) include:

  • Light fixtures and dysfunctional outlets
  • Reverse polarity
  • Tripped circuit breakers
  • Open wire boxes
  • Electrical panel replacement and any other electrical repairs

Building Inspection And Certification

Wherever your construction project is based, you need to comply with national and local building regulations. Our building inspection and certification services assess your project in accordance with the unique requirements of the country you are operating in. Plus, we can help you attain the legally required building certificate needed as proof of your construction project’s compliance.

Our Home Inspection Services offer you unrivaled experience covering all aspects of construction. As a result, we have the skills you need for comprehensive assessment, supervision and inspection of all your construction projects – regardless of size or location.

Our building inspection services can help you:

  • Ensure your building project meets the structural, safety, fire protection, energy saving and accessibility requirements of the country you are operating in
  • Assure compliance with required building regulations and standards, and achieve legal building certification
  • Reduce technical risks and prevent construction errors with our expert technical assistance
  • Control budgets and keep your construction project on schedule with comprehensive supervision at every stage of your project


As a leading provider, we offer you unrivaled experience in building inspection and certification. That’s why we are the first choice for public institutions, private investors, real estate owners, insurers and construction companies, requiring support with construction projects all over the world.

Our building inspection services include:

  • Construction supervision and technical control during construction
  • Design verification of your construction plans
  • Health, safety and environment management
  • Inspection of existing buildings
  • Maintenance management
  • Quality assurance and quality control inspections
  • Sustainability analysis of your construction project

Contact us to find out how our building inspection and certification services can help you comply with national and local building regulations.

Why a Pre-sale Moisture Inspection?

Fortunately, you can avoid or mitigate these problems by requesting a real estate termite and moisture report. A professional inspector will visit your home and examine it. Home Inspection Services experts looks for subtle signs of insects and excess water. Our team will find dampness caused by steam, plumbing defects or roof leaks. Potential symptoms of a termite invasion range from mud tubes to bubbles in paint. The inspector develops a report with details on any problems and their points of origin.


It makes sense for Pakistani homeowners to schedule inspections every 12 months. If you can’t afford annual reports, request them every three years. Both wood-boring insects and excess moisture frequently remain hidden until the consequences turn severe. When you consider how much it costs to remove and replace entire walls, it’s clearly worth paying for the inspection. Our Home Inspection Services seldom cover repairs necessitated by roof leaks or infestations.

It’s also wise to obtain a termite and moisture report before buying a building. Don’t make the disastrous mistake of purchasing a house with serious structural damage or hidden mold problems. You can’t rely on a standard home inspection to reveal termites. Most building inspectors don’t have the skills or equipment needed to detect hidden pests. It becomes rather difficult to gain any type of compensation if you discover defects after the closing.


When our inspection report informs you about any significant problems, our team will recommend various ways to correct them. Pesticide treatments can eradicate termites, but it’s vital to prevent re-infestation by repairing damage and eliminating conditions that attract these pests. Depending on its source and location, excess moisture may necessitate a sump pump, vapor barrier or drain.

If you’d like to schedule an inspection, contact Homy properties. Our technicians carefully examine your homes and provide comprehensive reports.

Don’t Buy Home Before Getting an Engineering Inspection by HOMY !

Getting an engineering inspection before buying real estate or allowing a foundation contractor to do work on your property is very important. Call Homy Properties for Home Inspection Services before you do either.

We are capable of evaluating any foundation or building structural problem with a home or commercial building. For critical and complex evaluations, we map out the interior floor plan and perform a floor level survey. We then map out the foundation and floor framing system. Finally, we superimpose the floor plan over the foundation plan.

This exercise clearly shows if there has been any differential foundation settlement or floor sag, where it occurs, and in the event of floor sag, why it is occurring. In combination with a study of the building’s crack patterns, we can distinguish between cosmetic problems and serious structural problems.

(Pictured) Exterior cracks in brick veneer are not always created by severe foundation settlement. Our engineering inspections can distinguish between cosmetic problems and serious structural issues.

Interior cracks in drywall could be the result of floor sag and not associated with foundation problems. An engineering inspection can differentiate between the two and prevent unneeded, expensive repairs.

We are often called to help with:

  • Investigating cracks in a foundation or interior or exterior walls
  • Designing a foundation repair or restoration
  • Designing new foundations for homes or remodels

Doors And Windows Inspection

Homy Properties Inspections will evaluate and report as in need of repair any deficiencies in doors and windows including proper operational functioning of door latches, garage doors, exterior doors, and windows that display fog or obvious broken seals.

The inspector will inspect interior doors, exterior doors and overhead garage doors. He will report any deficiencies in the condition of the doors including locks and latches on exterior doors. He will not inspect locks and latches on interior doors. He will report doors that do not operate properly, doors with damaged glazing and damaged or missing door screens.

The inspector will inspect the windows and report damaged glass, damaged glazing and damaged or missing window screens. He will report insulated windows that are obviously fogged or display other evidence of broken seals. He will also report the absence of safety glass in hazardous locations.

Heating And Cooling System Inspection

An HVAC inspection is a thorough review and testing of your home’s heating and cooling equipment, as well as any whole-home indoor air quality systems. Contrary to popular belief, the average home inspection does not include detailed testing of HVAC systems. While basic functioning is checked, furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners and other HVAC systems can still function with major malfunctions, in some cases.

Your home inspection generally is not detailed enough to give you the full picture of how your heating and cooling systems are performing. We are here to help you and will work to find a way to get you the equipment and services you need, in many cases. We will also have a frank conversation about the cost – you may be surprised at what options are available.

Think before you buy a home. Get it inspected. Remember some miscalculated decisions are just un-affordable. Our home inspection service gives you that confidence to invest best.